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5 Ways To Earn A Major Music Deal With Instagram

Cardi B
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Instragram has been the new wave to discover the best up and coming music talent. Cardi B made a name for herself on instagram making funny videos and then releasing music. Her popularity landed her a place on Love and Hip Hop and the rest is history. So is instagram the new way to get major deals? Those that have a lot of followers make great money from posts and now rappers are connecting to that cash flow. Lil Yachty landed a Nautica deal because he posted pictures of him wearing the clothes. So I wanted to give you a list to land some big deals with instagram.

1- Make sure you have a style, could be name brand or just unique taste.

2- Be artistic with your posts, when you post pics make them unique.

3- Make your videos and content count, be entertaining

4- Be consistent with your posts, daily works best

5- Getting people to subscribe means you have something they want or something they want to see, understand that and make it work for you

Hope it helps

Antoine King CEO Spate Media

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