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5 Reasons Why Your Music Career Is Moving Slow

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With the power of social media you totally control the pace of your career. Content rules on social media and you have to have a lot of it. Why should I release a lot of content and nobody is listening to it? Once you become popular enough people will go back and listen to your old stuff. People will only follow you if you keep posting new content. Your brand is always built on the new stuff. So here are a few reasons why your career is moving at a snail pace.

1- Your not busy on social media. Whether your a rapper comedian, singer etc.. You have to release new content on the regular basis. Cardi B built her fan base on instagram with funny personal videos. If you want to pick up the pace on your career you have to release good content online on the regular basis.

2- Your music is just not that good. Don't be ashamed to get help with writing and hooks. Your music has to be really incredible in order to standout among all the millions of other artists. So if people are not responding to your music its not very good and its that simple, do better.

3- You are not headlining your own events. If nobody will come see you perform you can't have a music career. Nowadays especially the bulk of your money will be made from live shows. Connect with your audience and perform with the best of them.

4- You don't have a booking agent. In order for you to get booked for real pay shows you need a agent. You can't get an agent unless you have built your own name locally and people are coming to see you perform. Don't be afraid to flop, don't get scared when people don't show up. Keep headlining and it will change. Work hard to build a live and online following and the agents will knock on your door because they like money too.

5- You don't have a good advisor. Most artists don't really understand the business so you usually need someone that can bring clarity to the chaos. So find someone that you respect, pay them well and get the advice and education you need about the music business.

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By Antoine King CEO

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