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5 Ways To Get Signed Like Trap Beckham by Antoine King

Trap Beckham

Only 26 years Trap Beckham is signed to Def Jam and living his dreams. Trap has worked hard putting hits together in the studio and trying to please his fan base. I put together a few tips on how you could copy his success and make it your own.

1- Perform at as many colleges as you can. The college market is the perfect market to promote music. They have billions in disposable income and they are always going out to parties and concerts. Tour colleges and sell merchandise as much as you can. Also, get your music playing on the over 300 college stations around the country.

2- Release mixtapes of original music. Releasing mixtapes of original music has an advantage because you can sell it. If the mixtape is successful you can then release it on digital platforms. Make it available for free for a period of time then publish it on spotify and itunes etc...

3- Don't forget about your hood, if people don't know who you are where you live then it will be difficult to translate that to other places. Be the hottest rapper in our city or work with the hottest rappers in your city.

4- Your sound should be something like whats playing on the radio. Don't be stubborn but Jadakiss said "Sprinkle a little bit of whats on the radio with what you do" so listen and make sure your sound is at least a little similar to what you hear on the radio.

5- Make fun songs, even if you don't like to make fun songs appeal to the listeners

Hope it helps

Antoine King founder of Spate Media

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