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Music101: What does Dave East & 50 Cent Have In Common?

Before Dave East was a chart topping hip hop artist he was an up and coming rapper from Harlem. Dave worked really hard to get his buzz by releasing mixtapes and cover songs. If you think back to a hungry rapper named 50 cent who made a name for himself after being shot and losing his major label deal. 50 cent decided to flood the streets with his mixtapes and remake every hit record. The club DJ's started playing 50 cents versions more than the originals. He got his buzz back and landed a record deal with Dr. Dre, the rest is history. Now fast forward to 2017, street mixtapes have turned into digital mixtapes and blogs are the new gatekeepers. Dave East followed 50 cents footsteps but for the new generation. Dave flooded the blogs with his mixtapes and remixed all the hits even coining his own phrase "The Eastmix" and landed a deal with Nas. Keeping in mind he had friends in the music business already, his work ethic got him the attention he needed for people to take him seriously. Dave East and 50 cent have a lot in common and I can see Dave following in 50 cent's footsteps as far as films and TV. Dave has one up on 50 cent because many feel he has model looks. But in order for Dave East to make a big impact like 50 cent he has to sell some records first.

So, as a indie artist some things you can learn from Dave East is work really hard. Even though Dave East had big relationships with basketball players and industry people he still worked hard to get recognized. Make sure your always in everyone's face. Get on all the blogs and earn those spots by remixing other artists hits. Cultivate your relationships, once you are buzzing talk to your circle about taking it to the next level.

Hope It Helps

Antoine King

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