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Exploring Radio and How to promote music to Millennials

Anyone can see that the way we listen to radio has changed over the past 10 years. The most popular music service is spotify and millennials are using services like pandora and more. So has FM radio taken a back seat to digital radio? The most important thing is how do millennials even listen to FM radio? When you look at statistics most people listen to radio while they are at work or in their car. This is where FM radio gets in trouble because if you are using a app its a internet signal so its not FM radio. FM radio is a signal from a tower vs a digital signal used by apps like iheart radio. iHeart radio boasts up to 80-100 million subscribers but again they are not using a FM signal. If you are having a little trouble understanding the difference between FM radio and digital radio just think receiver. FM radio usually requires a receiver with a antenna in order of you to hear sound. You might say well a phone is like a receiver, right? Yes but only some phones have a FM chip.

So I said all this to say most millennials are listening to digital radio and much less FM radio. So how do we reach these millennials and promote our music?

1- Music distribution- Make sure your music is on all the streaming services

2- Get your music on youtube with a lyric video and use youtube video ads. Youtube video ads work great I use them with clients all the time. Make sure its the clean version. Works well with music videos also.

3- Promote your spotify and itunes links using facebook ads. This can be very expensive but you can do it in small increments so that is a plus. Clicks and listens can be as much as $1.00 so experiment with different marketing techniques.

4- Get on digital radio, doesn't matter whether its a podcast or other streaming source. Get on as many places as you can.

5- Hire a digital radio promoter click here to hire me for your next project.

Hopefully this helps you market your music to millennials.

Antoine King CEO

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