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Why Hip Hop Showcases Are Not Scams and Why You Need It

If your a new hip hop artist starting out you need exposure. You don't have any contacts and you need to get out and network. When your a new artist a showcase is the perfect place for you to network with your peers and meet new people. Doing a showcase is not necessarily to build a fan base but you may meet some artists to collaborate with. Many hip hop artists build their buzz by collaborating with other hard working artists. This is a great way to get off the ground. You can't do it alone. The main thing is to go into a showcase with a plan. You should have a clear reason why your doing that showcase and it should help take your career to the next level. For example, you may film a documentary the day of your show and get some quality live footage so you can use it for promotion. Now if your doing showcases for 5 years then you have a problem. That means you haven't planned your career correctly. So if your going to do a showcase like Coast2Coast make sure you go in with a plan to get some quality footage and use it to take your career to the next level. If you are a more experienced artist then you should be renting out spots on your own and headlining your own events.

So what did I get out of reading this article?

1- If your going to do a showcase come prepared and get some quality video footage.
2- Use the showcase to network with your peers and other music artists because that is mostly who is there.
3- Try to work on getting some collaborations and features with artists buzzing more than you.
4- Do a few showcases to get your foot in the door and network if you don't have any connections.
5- Use the time on stage to become a better performer. Critique your performance and build a better show.

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