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Pay To Play Shows

I spoke with a music executive about pay to play shows and this is what he had to say.

"Its a promoters job to get sponsors and bring a mix of talent to his shows to bring the crowds. For promoters to use up and coming artists to pay their bills to the club is not right. Its not up to the artist to pay those costs, its the promoters job. They take advantage of artists that don't know how the business works. The same goes for music festivals that pay to play, they are too lazy to do the work so they take the easy route of charging talent that doesn't know any better."

I don't feel like pay to play shows are a scam but you can't build a career off of that. You have to concentrate on building your own career not someone else's brand. Focus on your buzz and your audience so promoters can't deny you of being paid for your presence.

Antoine King

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