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5 Questions I Get Daily About The Music Business with Antoine King

1- How can I get a buzz without investing a ton of money?

I get this question on the regular and my answer is always the same. You have to build your own fan base. You do that by uploading content daily and staying in contact with your fans through email. That's the only way because with the internet what you did today only matters. There is so much information on the internet that people will forget about you in one day. So you need to be vlogging, release new music, covers, interviews, collaborations, events, pictures and what ever else you can think of. Your building a relationship with your fans and it takes a ton of hard work.

2- Nobody is playing my music. How an I get radio play?

Nobody has to play your music. Unless you have invested in a radio promoter your not going to get much radio play. If you don't have the money for a radio promoter then start your own radio show. There are many free resources to start a podcast or other radio platforms. Why should I have a radio show? Networking! When people hear about your show they are going to want to be on it. This will give you a chance to network and maybe get on someone's show, festival etc... So if your can't afford a promoter your own show is the next best thing.

3- How come my social media is not growing? Should I buy followers?

Don't buy followers unless you want to buy your own music. The main reason why your social media is not growing is because your not working hard to build your following. Look at what people are doing who have large followings. They are making funny videos, posting exciting events. Posting pictures with celebrities etc.. Your social media is boring, spice it up.

4- How do I make more connections in the music business?

You have to get out and network. Go to ASCAP and BMI meetings and go to events and seminars. Make sure you have a business card and just go. Your not going to make something big happen in your career sitting at home.

5- How do I get a meeting with a record label?

Not important unless your out there touring and making money on your own. Nobody is going to pay your way in the music business. Get out and do the work and people will knock on your door. Stop asking for handouts and help. Do the work. Set up your own shows and if you have little money get out and sell your music and merch on the street. No excuses make it happen for yourself.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps

Antoine King

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