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5 Ways A Music Artist Can Build A Large Social Media Audience

Social media is a very important component to a music artists career. You don't have to spend a lot of money and you can build a audience that will love and buy your music. I put together a few tips to help you reach that goal.

1- Consistency is the best policy. Make sure your posting video and pictures on the regular basis. Professional looking pictures and video works best so invest in a good camera and work hard.

2- Hashtags- People have to find your content so hash-tagging will help a lot. Use hashtags that people are familiar with but make up your own and use less popular hashtags. Your content will get lost in all the other pictures and video under popular hashtags so mix it up.

3- Entertaining content- If its possible make the content fun. Post funny videos of your crew dancing or funny family videos. Show behind the scenes at your shows. Or writing sessions in the studio. You can even spend time in the mountains taking pictures of the scenery.

4- Snapchat is the go to social media outlet for millennials so get on it and post consistently while its hot.

5- Use some text on your images. People tend to click on images that have text more so when you post videos to youtube make sure you put some bright colorful looking text it will help get peoples attention.

Antoine King CEO Of Spate Media

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