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Trillion Dollar Demographic- How to market to millenials

How can your business successfully market to Millennials? Follow the footsteps of the brands that got it right by doing some (or all) of the following:

-Create an experience in which Millennials can participate.
-Develop content that encourages shares.
-Provide Millennials with the opportunity to live the story with your brand.
-Align your brand with a cause, so that Millennials will align with you.
-Recognize the evolving lifestyles of Millennials and don’t be afraid to change with them.
-Disrupt the market with an innovative approach to pricing and marketing.
-Increase brand loyalty by embracing trends and joining in the fun.
-Allow your customers to contribute to your marketing and be involved in the development of a new product line.
-Create ads that speak directly to a personal moment in a Millennial’s life.
-Go where the Millennials are (social and mobile).
-Focus on a product or service that is convenient for Millennials.
-Offer something that speaks to the Millennial’s desire for uniqueness.
-Make your product personal and customizable.
-Solve a need for Millennials and create a marketing message to back it up.
-Above all else, look at Millennial marketing as a great opportunity, and have some fun with it!

Have you created a successful Millennial marketing campaign? If so, feel free to share some tips or advice in the comments section below.

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