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5 Ways To Get Your Music In Rotation On National Radio

I don't want to get your hopes up but it can be done. With some extremely hard work you can get your music in rotation on national radio. I'm gonna put together 5 tips that could land your music with Drake and Rihanna.

1- You have to be the most popular artist where your from. If your from Brooklyn, when someone mentions Brooklyn rappers your name should come up. That means your performing at the biggest festivals in NYC. This comes with some hard work from your team.

2- Your music has to be in stores. This is easy because CD Baby has a in store distribution service. Your music must be in stores in order for you to get in rotation on national radio.

3- There has to be a demand for your music and brand. That means if a promoter books you for a show your bringing out 1000 people. A lot of artists say its really difficult to build this type of demand independent but you have no choice. If you don't build the demand then you will never succeed and a music artist.

4- You music has to perform really well on small market radio. Most major labels test new music on small market radio in order to see if fans like it. Small market radio is online radio stations and college radio or indie radio. Your songs should be in rotation
on smaller market radio.

5- Social media following. This matters because it can show a demand for your brand. There are some artists that have large followings online and can't pack a show but that is rare. Usually your fans online will come see you in their city. Or some of them will.

Now none of this matters if you don't have the right team. Your team has to know how to get your music in rotation on small market radio. Your team has to know how to get you booked for pay shows. Your team has to know how to distribute your music properly and get you in magazines. Its all up to your team to help you take it to the next level.

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