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5 Reasons Music Artists Get Dropped Or Put On The Shelf

Getting signed to a major label is a goal for most artists. Here are a few reasons why artists get put on the shelf after they reach that major milestone.

1- They lose their buzz

Major labels like to build off of momentum that you build. If you lose that momentum then labels will lose interest. Major labels have small staffs and thousands of artists. They need to work with people that know how the business works because there are millions of dollars at stake.

2- The artist doesn't take advice from the label

Music artists can be very stubborn when it comes to taking advice on their art but you have to listen to the person cutting the checks. You can fight for as long as you can but you have to eventually take some of the advice or risk losing your spot on the roster.

3- The artist doesn't have a smart team

Not only do you need a team but you need a smart team. People that actually know what they are doing. If they can't get your music on the radio in magazines and help you create viral videos what are they there for? You need a team that gets results.

4- The artist is unreliable

When you label gives you a date for an album you should deliver. Writers block and lateness will get you dropped.

5- Spending your budget in the wrong places

Budgets are tight and you don't get as much money upfront as you used to. On top of that many artists have 360 deals where the labels get 20% and up to 50% of everything. So when artists get some upfront money some spend it in the wrong places. The album doesn't get finished and it ends with the label being really angry. So make sure you put the money in the right places.

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