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How do I get my music on college radio?

College radio is still relevant and you can still reach millions of young people. The reason why college radio is so important for a indie artist is because they play music for free. Most major radio stations usually play artists that are selling tickets. Notice how these stations have their own events and they use the artists that are getting the most radio play. That's because they have established audiences. Its all about the ticket and record sales for major radio. So college radio is the perfect place to start to build your audience. How do I get my music on college radio? The first thing to do is get a list of radio college radio stations that play your type of music. Once you have that, just email them directly. If you want to use a service like DMDS then that could help also. DMDS can mass email all the college radio stations for you and they give you a list of contacts so you can follow up. The follow up is very important because they get a lot of emails.

So here is a list of things to do if you want to get your music on college radio

- Use www.dmds.com
- Get a list of college radio stations that play your genre and contact them directly
- Make sure you follow up and contact station directors after you sent your music

This should get you to millions of listeners


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