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How to get your team to stick with you

How can I get people to stick by me and support my career like manager or a team in general?
I get this question daily. The music artist is suppose to be the bread winner. If the artist is not generating any money nobody is being paid. So if their is no money being made that means everyone that works for the artist is like an intern, working for free. Its almost impossible to get experienced successful people to work for free. But one way to keep your team happy is with good contract negotiations. Contracts show dedication and obligation. This will help keep your team stable so you can focus on the music until money is being generated. Also, try to generate money by having your own events. Be creative and team with other up and coming artists, modeling agencies and clothing brands etc..

Also you can create a group like Young Money and all the artists chip in money for T-shirts, website, events etc..


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