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Do Blogs Still Have The Power To Break Artists?

With the success of "Panda" by Desiigner and Fetty Wap its makes me think about the role that blogs played in their success. How about no role at all. Fetty Wap focused on other forms of distribution like soundcloud and youtube to push his music. So are blogs still relevant? New technologies are being created at the speed of light. Blogging was a new technology years ago but now its not. Websites like soundcloud give a artist more visibility for their music than blogs. Facebook and twitter even offer advertising. Music artists are going more in the personal branding route. That means they are building up their followings on their own and then growing from there. They are not reaching out to the blogs as much. Blogs are still great for reading the latest news or even better, original content but they are not needed as much. Action Bronson was the latest artist to break from the blogs. I don't think there has been a star like him since. The moral of this story is, build your brand from the bottom up using social media. Build a great relationship with your fans online. If a kid dancing can get 100k followers on instagram a great music artist should be able to get 500k.

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