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Defining Your Moment As A Music Artist

Part of reaching your goals as a music artist will depend on you defining your moment. What is defining your moment? Your moment could be anytime you reach a milestone in your music career. This could be getting 100,000 views on youtube or soundcloud. It could also be a few spins on the radio. This is the moment that your career goes to the next level. The main question is how do you get to that point. The first thing you have to understand is your audience. Its hard to do something big if you don't understand why your doing it. J. Coles moment was when he put out his mixtape and it reached Jay Z. So his manager hearing the mixtape could be his moment or Jay Z listening to his mixtape could be his moment. It lead to him being signed to Roc Nation and then becoming one of the most successful hip hop artists. There were other moments that took place also, most recently both of his albums were certified platinum. As a artist one of your main goals is reaching that first moment and then expanding on that. Once you accomplish something substantial you have to capitalize on the moment. The first thing you need is the right song or video. Once you have that then you need to get the word out. Every view count and you should want to go big. Get the fans involved making youtube videos, vine, instagram, snapchat, twitter and more. Get them involved and reward them for doing so. Reward them by giving them shoutouts and thanking them for being involved. Hopefully this help you as a artist reach your moment. I will keep talking about this topic and also speak about other artists that have reached their moment in music.

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