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5 Reasons Why Fetty Wap's Career Took Off

People tend to think Fetty Wap's career took off out of nowhere but there was a few things he had to do to create the synergy for his success.

1- Fetty Wap made a name for himself where he was from in New Jersey. They didn't have a lot of money to tour so they did shows in their area and people started to become familiar with his sound.

2- He released his first song on soundcloud and when it started catching steam he released a video. If your lucky enough to make a record that has commercial appeal make sure you follow up with a video. It took a year for the song to get popular on soundcloud but it eventually hit 150,000 plays and it took off from there.

3- They were selling merchandise at their shows. If you look at the few videos of Fetty Wap's hustle online you can see that they were selling their music and merchandise. This is definitely a important component to let your fans know your serious.

4- He promoted the song in the popular strip clubs. Fetty Wap was smart enough to get the ladies promoting his music. He allegedly used strip clubs to introduce the world to his music.

5- Once he realized people liked his sound he kept dropping song after song. He is like a hit making machine. He didn't want to be labeled a one hit wonder so he dropped songs that he thought the fans would like. This was a great strategy for him because most of his songs landed on the top of the Billboard Charts.

So besides having the right records there was some ground work Fetty Wap had to do in order to get his career launched so quickly.


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