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5 Reasons Female Rappers Can't Compete With Nicki Minaj

I get this question all the time from female rappers. Why is Nicki Minaj so dominant in female rap? There are quit a few reasons why she is on top and nobody is going to knock her down for many years to come. I put together some good reasons why she is on top and why these chicks have to step their game up.

1- Nicki started out doing hardcore rap talking about guns and stuff and when she got with Lil Wayne he told her she needed to make radio/pop records. She could do the hard stuff but it has to be a good mix of music that could reach a broader audience. That's the only way she will make history.

2- She changed up her image and made it more colorful. Nicki used to wear regular clothes when she started but after she signed with Wayne she stepped up her image game and got into fashion and plastic surgery because she wanted to look like the perfect doll that men could fantasize about. Not saying you have to have plastic surgery to win in the music game but she changed her look.

3- She signed with a popping artist and label. Back in 2006 Lil Wayne was the hottest artist out and he wanted his own label. Nicki Minaj and Drake came in at the perfect time. She was able to open for Lil Wayne on tour and he introduced her to the world because he already had that momentum.

4- Nicki always had bars but she stepped them up even more when she started working with Wayne. He constantly pushed her to rap better than the guys. You can see old footage of them online giving her tips on how she should rap.

5- Nicki is very knowledgeable. She knows a lot about the business of music so if you want to be as successful female rapper make sure you lock yourself in Barnes and Noble and read as many books on the music business, photography, videography, touring, publishing and more. Just lock yourself in the bookstore or library and don't leave until your brilliant....lol


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