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What Can Music Artists Learn From Shark Tank?

If you have ever watched Shark Tank you can see a group of people with money wanting to invest in up and coming companies. So what can a music artist learn from this business model? Major record labels and entertainment companies are investors and they are looking for promising businesses to invest in. That means they are looking for artists that are moving. The artist should be selling music, tickets and merchandise because thats what a profitable business does. This is the only way to get financial support for your business. On Shark Tank you see people bidding on companies that have a 1-5 year success rate. They only need money to expand faster. The base of their companies are usually solid with a strong track record of sales and profitability. The music business is very similar, labels are bidding on artists that have large fan bases online, viral videos and ticket sales. Its totally based on what type of money or steam your generating. So when you think of your music career, think of Shark Tank and major labels bidding on you because you have worked so hard to build your business.


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