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Should Music Artists Do Showcases?

This is a question I get all the time and it gets complicated. I have some friends that run some great showcases and there is nothing wrong with performing at showcases in the beginning of your career. I stress at the beginning because you can't make money paying for showcases your whole career. There are a few showcases that share revenue with the artist if they bring in a certain amount of people. For example: If you bring in 100 people paying $10.00 then they will give you %70 of the revenue which is $700.00. So there are options like this you can work out with showcases but you obviously have to work at promoting it. That brings me to the point of promoting someone else's show. Why do that? When you can put that energy into your own events. Show in the beginning it may be ok to do showcases but artists really need to focus on building their own brand and business. This is done by doing your own events.


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