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Selling The Pet Rock Vs Music

There was a guy named Gary Dahl that created a product called the Pet Rock. He included care instructions and it was like a gag that people could send to their friends. It was the best pet, you didn't have to do anything to take care of it. At $4.00 each is sold 1.4 million and made almost 6 million at the end of the day. What made this product great was the way it was packaged, in a box and with instructions.

So how can a music artist learn something from Gary Dahl's success with the pet rock. Basically, anything can be sold in the proper packaging or with some creativity behind it. I'm sure when he told his friends they thought he was crazy but after he put the packaging together they said maybe you have something. Artists have to learn to be different and creative. Look at what the competition is doing and do something different. When Jay Z started making music videos almost every video was a scene from a movie. Their videos were just as good as the songs. What happened to that creativity in hip hop? Its a lost art.


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